Project: Heckscher State Park

Heckscher State Park We have some really beautiful state parks here on long island and we urge you to take your family to Heckscher State Park. They hired East End Trees Nurseries to plant over 50 Eastern Red Cedar trees for them and while working there we couldn’t believe we were on Long Island. They have a really nice camping site, the rent log cabins, boating, golf, snowmobiling and much more. Our state parks are a beautiful and cost-effective way for you and your family to get out and enjoy nature.

Thank you, Heckscher State Park, for choosing East End Trees Nurseries!

St. Johns University Chooses East End Trees Nurseries

st-johns-mumsWe are proud to announce that St. Johns University has chosen East End Trees as it’s supplier for Mums and other plants to be used to decorate around the campus. If you have ever been to St. Johns you know it is one of the most beautiful campuses in New York. The management group and staff there decorate many locations several times a year to keep a fresh and ever changing look.

Thank you St. Johns for choosing East End Trees, we are truly blessed.

Do Your Mulch Now to Protect Your Plants

mulchMulch is a garden’s best friend. It holds down grasses and weeds that will compete with your new plants roots for water, and also helps the soil retain water. It helps the soil from becoming overly compacted and acts as an insulator during the winter months. Create a mulch bed around your tree that is 2-3 inches thick, while encircling your tree with a several foot diameter. It is also recommended to leave a slight area mulch free just where your trunk reaches the ground.

  • Mulch: 1 yard covers 10’ x 10’ = 100 sq ‘
  • Applying high quality mulch in the spring / fall helps insulate your plant’s roots by keeping the soil around the plant warmer and moist.
  • Cold nights or rapid temperature drops can harm or kill plants, but proactive mulching will protect your plants.
  • Mulching also suppresses weed growth by almost two-thirds.
  • Mulch provides nutrients to plants as it decomposes, prevents erosion, and helps retain moisture in dry months.
  • Adds color and volume to your garden.

Honest Tea

East End Trees Camellia plants were used in national television / internet commercial for Honest Tea.