Great wood for Fire Pits, Campfires, Chimineas & Fireplaces

Seasoned Firewood is an excellent alternative to high heating bills, or just a great way to relax in front of a warm fire. We at East End Trees Nurseries understand that you want your firewood to last as long as possible. We offer prompt delivery of our firewood and sell full cords and half cords. Our firewood is great for outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, camp fires, wood stoves and more.

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Local Delivery Services

Pick up service. Drive in with your pickup truck, SUV or car and we will fill you up.



Firewood Pricing

  • 1 Cord
    Fully Seasoned
  • 1/2 Cord
    Fully Seasoned
  • Bundles

Snow & Ice Control

Keeping steps, sidewalks, driveways and patios free of ice and safe for walking is a major concern in cold climates. And they are calling for it to be even colder than last season. We offer pellet and flake deicers. Products like Dow Extra Flake, Peladow Pellets and Pet Safe Ice Melts are simple to use and we have them in stock.

Ice Melt