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Are you looking for some instant privacy screening using fast growing Green Giant Arborvitae or Leyland Cypress evergreen trees, trying to create some shade, decorate around your pool area or simply need to update the front of the home? The proper installation of plants in the landscape involves much more than just digging holes and setting plants in them. We offer planting services for residential, municipal and commercial customers throughout the tri-state region and have provided substantial savings across the board. Trees add beauty and grace to any community setting. Besides providing the obvious benefits like shade and privacy, trees help cool your home and neighborhood, break the cold winds to lower heating costs, control erosion and clean the air of carbon monoxide. Properly selected and planted trees can also significantly increase the value of your property. We will be happy to provide a Free Estimate. We will review you’re pictures of your property or job site, listen to your needs and then invite you down to actually show you the plant material we choose for you and how it will lay out. We always use organic fertilizers and soil amendments that are safe for your family, pets, and property.

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