Why burn firewood?

  1. Firewood is the best source of renewal energy to use to heat your home.
  2. Burning firewood doesn’t release any more harmful greenhouse gases than if it lay on the forest floor and rotted.
  3. Firewood burns at such high BTU’s that it’s actually more efficient at heating your home than gas, oil, coal or wood pellets.
  4. Excellent source of heat during storms and power outages.

How much firewood should be stored indoors?

Only a 2-3 day supply. Burning wood that has been taken directly from outdoors will cool down your fire too much and may be difficult to light.

How do I store my firewood?

The best way to store firewood is at least 30 feet away from your home or building, off the ground, in full sunlight and covered with clear plastic to create a “greenhouse” effect.  This method stops bugs and bark beetles from living in and off your wood.  It also helps maintain the wood’s dryness.

What is the average length of your wood?

Our average cut firewood ranges from 14-18”.

Do you charge extra for stacking my order?

We do not stack wood.

How can I tell if firewood is ready to burn?

Firewood generally is considered suitable for burning once it reaches a moisture content of 20% or less. 15% is ideal, and you would be hard pressed to find firewood much dryer. You need to rely on visual clues to determine if your firewood is suitable for burning.
Seasoned wood will have checked or cracked ends. Often times the bark will separate easily from the wood. It may have a grey, weathered appearance, but not if it has been stored under cover. If you knock two pieces together it should sound hollow, instead of dense.

Do you sell firewood all year long?

Yes, we now sell firewood all year long because more and more people are using it for summer activities such as campfires and chimineas.

How is firewood measured?

1 full cord of firewood is the legally defined measurement for firewood. 1 cord describes the volume of wood and is equal to 128 cu. ft. It is usually measured as 4’x4’x8′ when it is stacked well.