Project: Heckscher State Park

Heckscher State Park We have some really beautiful state parks here on long island and we urge you to take your family to Heckscher State Park. They hired East End Trees Nurseries to plant over 50 Eastern Red Cedar trees for them and while working there we couldn’t believe we were on Long Island. They have a really nice camping site, the rent log cabins, boating, golf, snowmobiling and much more. Our state parks are a beautiful and cost-effective way for you and your family to get out and enjoy nature.

Thank you, Heckscher State Park, for choosing East End Trees Nurseries!

Project: Teddy Roosevelt Park

Teddy Roosevelt home at Sagamore Hill Park works with East End Trees Nurseries. The former home of one of our most popular presidents is a destination for thousands of people every year. If you and your family have not taken time to see this beautiful home and park nestled on 83 acres – you are really missing out on a nice day. They host tours, special events, group tours and scout programs. Some of their programs are teaching young students how to plant and care for existing trees and shrubs while using high-quality topsoil and mulch from East End Trees Nurseries. We are proud to be associated with Sagamore Hill.

Project: Premier57

Premier57, one of New York City’s most beautiful spas, chooses East End Trees Nurseries to create a natural rooftop. As seen on CBS News, The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal & The Today Show to name only a few. Premier57 offers so many amenities like Hydrotherapy Pools, Water Lounge, Sauna Valley and services such as Esthetics, Body Massage, Korean Scrub and so much more. Please check out their website or pay them a visit if you are in NYC or visiting.

If you are looking to do a rooftop garden, create a privacy screen or plantings for your building please contact us for a free quote and estimate.


Project: Kenyon Energy

Kenyon Energy is one of the nation’s leading developers, owner and operator of solar energy projects and they rely on East End Trees Nurseries to make its solar parks natural. Kenyon Energy cares about the environment and the areas in which they develop. If you are familiar with the Cherry Ave Dog Park in West Sayville it was surrounded by an overgrown property to the south side as well as the long island rail road tracks. East End Trees went in and cleaned up the several acres lot and listed below you can see how it now looks.