Snow Maintenance

Our winters are getting tougher with records amounts of snow and freezing temperatures. This can be a huge challenge for commercial property owners and businesses. East End Trees Nurseries has the experience and equipment to make sure you get through the storm safely, providing snow management services to your business 24 hours a day and keeping you open for business while others wait to get plowed out. Servicing strip malls, movie theaters, condominiums, schools, houses of worship, industrial parks, gas stations and more. East End Trees Snow Management is simply your best choice when you take snow removal and ice management as serious as we do!

  • Plant Replacement

    Install and delivery of plant material for your business.

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  • Leaf Removal

    Clean out your property of leaves & debris.

  • Mulch Installation & Re-Define Beds

    Bi-annual service to top dress fresh mulch in your planting beds to help retain moisture, cool ground temperature, keep weeds down and keep your property looking beautiful.

  • Irrigation

    New installation for commercial properties.

  • Landscape Renovation

    Let East End Trees remove or transplant older less appealing plants and fresh up your property with some beautiful color. Your business property is a reflection of you – dress your property for success.

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