Seasoned Firewood


Christmas Trees – Wreaths – Garland

( FREE local delivery of Christmas Trees )

Christmas TreesThere’s no time like Christmas at East End Trees Nurseries. For the sights, sounds and scents of the season, we invite you to visit and check out our hand picked Christmas Trees.

Our Trees are fresh cut and delivered to us from quality growers for optimal needle retention. A fresher tree means longer lasting fragrance and fewer needles on the floor! We also display our trees open and freestanding so you can walk among them and see them 360º.

After you select your tree, we’ll fresh-cut the bottom to allow water to absorb into the trunk and we’ll wrap it in netting to protect the branches. We’ll carry your tree to your car, load it and tie it down for you at no extra cost.

Sand Salt & Ice Melt

Sand Salt & Ice MeltWe have large supplies of salt / sand ready for contractor use during winter ice and snow storms. Contractors benefit because while other yards are closed – we remain open throughout the storm, day or night so you can finish your work and go home. Loading is quick and easy